10 Acres
This is an investigation into a 10-acre patch of land which is located in West Ealing, across the road from where I live. The land has taken many forms over the past 200 years, from the early years of being an orchard right through to it being a network of cottages making up the largest working-class colony in Ealing during the late 1800s. Once branded as a slum area known as Stevens’ Town, it is currently undergoing its third stage of regeneration where the more commonly known Green Man Estate is being destroyed.  Even though time has passed we are still battling with the issues surrounding social housing and an increasing population. It is now 2018 and we have not yet been able to create suitable houses for everyone and there is a fear that we will never be able to fulfil this idea. This study acts as a visual journey highlighting the change of a landscape and its lingering problem which to this day has been left untouched.
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10 Acres Book
The publication combines mono prints alongside photography. The photos provide nostalgic aid for the community and the prints provide my perspective on the research I have collected. The book unfolds into a concertina, connecting the narrative of the landscape with the research behind the investigation.
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